About Kirsten

Kirsten blog collage 1Kirsten is a true global nomad and committed international educator. Having first attended a makeshift school in the Kenyan Bush aged three years old, she constantly reflects on how far education has come – in the developed world at least. Having lived in 16 countries, and attended 11 different schools as a young learner, she has a range of education experience variously as teacher, principal, curriculum co-ordinator, learning coach,  teacher trainer, sailing instructor,  and volunteer.

Committed to student learning, self development and reflection, Kirsten is a passionate advocate of inquiry based and trans disciplinary learning. A trainer for concept based curriculum and instruction in the Lynn Erickson approach, she brings to the table a host of facilitation skills including cognitive coaching and collaborative planning strategies.  Kirsten loves working with teachers to facilitate thinking on learning, to interact with current research in the field, to develop instructional practices.  She has presented at both AISA and EARCOS regional conferences and looks forward to continuing to work with a wider range of educators.

Kirsten believes that every student should be enabled to be a successful global citizen with the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes to take self directed action in any situation that faces them. Most importantly she advocates that modern education needs to be both learning focussed and integrated with the reality of our current world situation. All students can learn, and all students can contribute. Way before ‘mindfulness’ became fashionable she was working with students on relaxational breathing and focus techniques, and continues to do so, learning from the upswing in practices.

Our world is changing rapidly, and education needs to change with it. As educators we have enormous influence on our young learners. We need to consider the impact of our actions and ensure that our taught, learned and hidden curriculum inspire our students to build a better world.  

As an advocate of a balanced life style, Kirsten endeavours to make the most of the opportunities that cross her path and the wonderful range of experiences there are in the world. She has canoed the lower Zambezi, driven independently from Tanzania to The Congo, volunteered in multiple locations including a centre for the physically handicapped in Kumasi, Ghana, and in the Caribbean was mainsheet trimmer on a large racing yacht. In Colombia she learned to rock climb and speak Spanish, in Uganda directed and performed in plays at the National Theatre. Although her first sailing love is to crew a hobie 16, she competed twice in the East African Laser Open. Also a keen diver she explored the Red Sea off the coast of Sudan.   In Malaysia she has jumped at the opportunity to become a regular contributor to the well known food and travel blog The Yum List  which drew on her prior background in food and beverages and helped develop her writing skills. For relaxation she reads, swims, plays tennis, paints, borrows friend’s children,  or explores the forests and waterfalls of Malaysia. Her favourite animal is the elephant.

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