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Life Offers Endless Opportunities

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For some time now I’ve been musing on starting a blog.


Because I have something to say in the field of education.

‘It’s about learning and it’s about time…’

So why now?

Two weeks ago I participated in a workshop by Maxine Driscoll from Think Strategic on Leadership in the 21st Century.  It was a fantastic workshop and I met an amazing group of people. But mainly I realised that education leadership and influence developed in a range of ways. And, like Maxine, I want to be an entrepreneur who works with schools and facilitates change.

Although the workshop was aimed at school leaders, and those who want to be school leaders, the process was instrumental for me in connecting together ideas and structuring my thinking.  The time was right, and the facilitation was supportive.

Maxine reminded me that:

Life offers endless opportunities


Many factors led up to this moment and as I reflect, I realise how all the pieces came together at this particular time:

  • The recent re-reading of Mindsets by Carol Dweck
  • Experience blogging with the wonderful Monica Tindall YumList
  • Opportunities while working at  ISKL to develop my technology skills
  • My favourite education blog The Principal of Change. Such elegant reflections cannot help but inspire thoughts of ‘I want to do that too’
  • A corridor conversation with a like-minded colleague (you know who you are about) how we can innovate and influence in our field.
  • A growing desire to share my thinking on what works in education

So it is time, time to stop waiting and time to let my voice fly amongst the chorus of education bloggers our time has spawned.  Let’s see where this goes…

ready aim fire
Image sourced via Deon Haar on linkedin

As 46 year old educator, I find myself on the brink of a new chapter of learning and leading.  I reflect on the influences that brought me to this stage and I realise that we never know what will spark the thought to take action. It’s such a combination of factors.

I apply this to my thinking about learning in the classroom. We can never truly know what will spark for our young learners either. in the hearts and minds of our young learners. That is why it is our never-ending mission to put a diversity of learning opportunities in front of them, time while providing to connect, reflect and take self-directed action for themselves and others. Their lives will be longer than mine, and I want them to take advantage of the endless opportunities that lie ahead.

So this is the beginning.

But it’s not truly the beginning…

Read my next post to find out who really got me started thinking about the importance of really focussing on learning

Thank you for reading


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